The Astrea Conspiracy by Lizbeth Myles is a Short Trip featuring the Twelfth Doctor, narrated by Neve McIntosh — who plays Madame Vastra, though she has nothing to do with this story. The story is told from the perspective of the real author/spy Aphra Behn, as she undertakes a mission from Belgium. Everything is going fine — until a strange, abrasive Scottish man materialises and begins bothering her.

Lizbeth Myles has a great grasp on how to write the Twelfth Doctor

This is a great little tale, the kind of thing the Short Trips do at their most typical. Nothing flashy, but a good story told well. Myles has a great grasp on how to write the Twelfth Doctor, my favourite of the non-Christopher Eccleston “new” Doctors. McIntosh has already shown herself to be a great audio performer for Big Finish, undertaking a variety of roles, and The Astrea Conspiracy also shows her to be a great reader, lending energy and character to this little tale.

The Astrea Conspiracy (by Lizbeth Myles; read by Neve McIntosh) was released by Big Finish Productions in February 2019.