Unreality SF is a website about “tie-in” or “expanded universe” fiction.

We like television. Particularly fantasy (hence “unreality”), science-fiction (hence “sf”), that sort of thing. (We also quite like hyphens. Hence the hyphen. Look it seemed like a good idea at the time, shush.)

But we also like television on our bookshelves. Brilliant, legendary shows like Doctor Who and Star Trek have also existed in books, comics, and audios for decades, taking familiar characters on new adventures and introducing us to countless brand new ones.

And that’s what Unreality SF is about – those expanded universe or tie-in stories in other mediums. We post reviews, interviews, and features about those, from Alias to The X-Files.

Sometimes, we also branch out to cover other things that interest us – including tie-ins based on things other than TV (like Warhammer or Deus Ex) and original series spun off from tie-ins (like Bernice Summerfield or The Minister of Chance), entirely original series (like The Scarifyers or The Scattered Earth), classic retro sci-fi (like Journey into Space), or our favourite tie-in writers’ original projects. A bit of everything, really.

(You can see a full list of the different series we’ve written about by clicking the List icon in the main menu, or find an index of all our posts here.)

We’re based in the UK, and have been online as Unreality SF since March 2008.

(We replaced, and incorporated some archive content from, a couple of Star Trek book review projects written by our contributors — namely BookTrek, which launched in April 2004, and Defcon’s Treklit, which launched in November 2004 — when we started out.)

On our first four birthdays as Unreality SF, we ran the “Top of the Pulps” award. On our fifth, we celebrated tie-ins.


You can get in touch with us at hello@unreality-sf.net.

We also have a Facebook page, and writer Jens Deffner represents us on Twitter.