Doctor Who The Cloisters of Terror review

Doctor Who: The Cloisters of Terror review

The fourth series of Fourth Doctor Adventures comes to an end with Jonathan Morris’s The Cloisters of Terror, which brings back a guest character from The Companion Chronicles, Rowena Cooper’s Dame Emily Shaw (mother of Liz Shaw). Dame Emily is the newly-installed dean of an Oxford women’s college where the students have been vanishing mysteriously
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Doctor Who Suburban Hell review

Doctor Who: Suburban Hell review

When one criticises Doctor Who stories for not trying anything new, one feels a bit hypocritical for criticising stories that do attempt something new. Suburban Hell is one such story. Just as The Deadly Assassin is “Doctor Who takes on The Manchurian Candidate” or The Talons of Weng-Chiang is “Doctor Who takes on Victoriana” or
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