The Mega

Doctor Who: The Mega review

Terrance Dicks famously remarked that the problem with the UNIT format gifted to him in Season Seven was that you could only tell mad scientist stories and alien invasion stories, and the sooner you could pack the Doctor off into space again, the better. Of course, Season Seven actually gives
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Star Trek: Protectors review

This review includes spoilers for the novel. Protectors, Kirsten Beyer’s fifth novel in her ongoing Star Trek: Voyager saga, is the first one to deal with the repercussions of Admiral Kathryn Janeway’s return from the dead in the preceding novel The Eternal Tide. While Janeway is recalled to the Alpha
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The TIme Machine

Doctor Who: The Time Machine review

After no small delay, here’s The Time Machine, the last instalment of Destiny of the Doctor, featuring what was until very very recently, the current Doctor. Jenna Coleman née Jenna-Louise narrates Matt Fitton’s story, which features double guest stars in Michael Cochrane and good old Nicholas Briggs. Sadly, there’s no
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