Erimem The Last Pharaoh

Erimem: The Last Pharaoh review

Erimemushinteperem, a.k.a. “Erimem” for short, travelled with the Fifth Doctor and Peri in Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas from 2001’s The Eye of the Scorpion to 2008’s The Bride of Peladon. Played by Caroline Morris, she was the third of Big Finish’s original companions. Originally a would-be pharaoh from ancient Egypt, she hobnobbed with
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The Worlds of Doctor Who

The Worlds of Doctor Who review

To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of its Doctor Who license (The Sirens of Time was way back in July 1999, if you can believe that!), Big Finish released another deluxe edition along the lines of the super-classy The Light at the End, albeit this time with no cheaper alternative. The Worlds of Doctor Who serves
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