Doctor Who Damaged Goods review

Doctor Who: Damaged Goods review

I am a big fan of Russell T Davies’s writing. Not just Russell T Davies’s Doctor Who writing, but Davies’s writing in general. Thanks to encountering him on Doctor Who, I ended up getting into Queer as Folk, The Second Coming, Casanova, and what is possibly one of the best pieces of television ever produced,
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Erimem The Last Pharaoh

Erimem: The Last Pharaoh review

Erimemushinteperem, a.k.a. “Erimem” for short, travelled with the Fifth Doctor and Peri in Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas from 2001’s The Eye of the Scorpion to 2008’s The Bride of Peladon. Played by Caroline Morris, she was the third of Big Finish’s original companions. Originally a would-be pharaoh from ancient Egypt, she hobnobbed with
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